Ref#: 144
Artist: Richard A. Teague, 1923 - 1991
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
Education: Art Center School in Los Angeles, California
Biography: Dick Teague was an automobile designer at AMC for 26 years. During his years at American Motors, Teague and his staff conceived a number of memorable designs, among which were the Marlin, Pacer, Javelin, Hornet, Matador, and Gremlin. His most pleasing designs were perhaps his concept cars: the series of AMX show cars that culminated in the outstanding AMX III of 1969, a design that still looks as fresh as tomorrow.

Work History:
Northrup Aircraft  1942
GM design studio   1948
Chief stylist of the Chrysler studio  1957
American Motors Company  1959-1983
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